Business Doesn't Run On Good Luck

But on Common Sense Strategies.... That Works

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NCDCS, Inc has been providing Business Analysis, Development, Strategic Planning and Management Development as well as Technology Solutions since the 1990's. Starting as an early business technology solutions integrator and software developer for small and medium businesses, NCDCS has provided solutions to startup companies, national enterprises, academia and government.

Over the years, the principals of NCDCS have always maintained the concepts of business integrity first and foremost. Philosophically we put your best interest as our top priority, which means we will work hard to preserve personal and business real life accuracy at the highest moral framework for our clients.

NCDCS takes a strategically common sense approach that views businesses as Living Entities. We have a clear perspective of the business issues that affect many companies.

Life Lessons show that businesses demand:

  • A conviction for integrity
  • Strong fiduciary responsibility
  • A grasp of business corporate governance
  • Solid internal and external communication

Expect us to deliver on these and more.

NCDCS views your requirements through your perspective and we build solutions based on what you define in the process.

"We Listen To Your Needs": so that there is a common sense executable strategy and product set integrated into the business model.

We understand the maxim regarding Returns On Assets (ROA) as well as the fundamentals to show how new processes or technology implementations will produce a Return On the Investment (ROI) and increase productivity.

Definition of A Living Entity:
Legally a business is a Person.

Therefore, identification of long-term interest, the means of achieving them through a comprehension of the parts of the business entity as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole of the business entity.

Contact us for more on this concept.