Business Doesn't Run On Good Luck

But on Common Sense Strategies.... That Works

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A Team Built for You

At NCDCS we begin with the principle of the company and develop a team that will fit the engagement needs. We always pull from trusted and experienced individuals that enhance the efforts of any engagement.

Tom Niewulis is the President and CEO for NCDCS, Inc. who has over 35 years in business and organizational analysis, strategic planning, financial and organizational management. He has been a technologist since the 1980's. Tom has software design and programming experience as well as Information Technologies management experience. Tom was the engineering architect for the fist concepts in national grid networking. He was the designer and implementer of converged networks since the early 1990's. Tom was the early developer of the business, marketing and sales plans as well as the technical architect for the Internet business in an ILEC. Tom has been engaged as Chief Operating Officer for several startups and mid market companies as well as having held various executive and technical positions in telecommunications, enterprise networking and software development.

Tom knows how to get to the hard questions and move for common sense solutions!

Tom has delivered business studies, technical studies and made presentations at industry conferences in the United States and Europe. He has been a member of the technical advisory boards for emerging companies as well as the Fortune 500. He has consulted to the venture capital industry. He is published internationally and regularly contributes business and technical articles to various on line publishers.

Tom's educational background is in physics, behavioral science and telecommunication management.

He is a member of the National Association of Corporate Directors and The World Intellectual Property Organization.

NCDCS has a strong network of executive level professionals and affiliates. We believe in using executives that have Life Lessons Learned experiences. What this means is that we will always bring a strong talent base to an engagement and we know that no one person knows everything. It is a wise person that knows what they don't know and can find a trusted resource to be a part of the team.