Business Doesn't Run On Good Luck

But on Common Sense Strategies.... That Works

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As an organization focused on common sense strategic initiatives with measuarable tactical implementation, NCDCS offers wide-ranging capabilities spanning individual projects, workshops and through on-going comprehensive programs.

    Business Strategy

  • Business Model Assessment
  • Strategic Plans - Analysis, Modeling and Plan Writing
  • Risk Management - Discerning Decisions
  • Strategic Alliances - Identification, Development and Execution
  • Advisory Boards - Formation and Facilitation
  • Governance
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Competitive Profiling
  • Business Plans - Writing, Editing and Development
  • Financial Modeling - Developing Predictive Modelst
  • Leadership Development

  • Management Communications - Taking a "Walk About"
  • Leadership and Management - Not all managers can be leaders - Really?
  • Organizational Development - Are all the right positions in place?
  • Implementation Plans

  • Process and Procedure Analysis and Management
  • Project Resource Identification
            (both internal and external including strategic partners)
  • Project Review and Management
  • Technology Strategy

  • IT Infrastructure Analysis and Planning
  • Telepresence
  • Managed Telecom Network Solutions

Non-Profit and Faith Based

Non-Profit and Faith Based organizations whether they believe it or not, are like many businesses, a Living Entity. They are required to file letters of incorporation, which means that they have many of the same issues that small and medium businesses have. NCDCS applies the same valued principles to your organization as it does with "For-Profit" organizations. Every Living Entity needs to evaluate its talents and gifts in context of its Vision, Goals and Resources.